Hi, I'm Tiffany.  If you like nicknames, I also answer to "Tes."  Nice to meet you.

Once upon a time, I followed my dream to work as an architect, building fantastic structures and learning how to tinker with the best.  My curiosity led me to explore other industries and engage a broader spectrum of project types all over the world.  From San Francisco to Barcelona to Shanghai, I can undoubtedly say I've worked with some of the most brilliant thinkers in technology and product design.  

It kind of went in this order: First, I hacked my learning journey by enrolling in college at 16, then I got to build schools as an architect, then I dabbled a bit in technology product training, then I became a corporate storyteller, and now I shape learning strategy for corporate universities. 

If you fancy more details about me (where I went to school, degrees/certifications, endorsements, etc), my LinkedIn page has extra stats.