Hi, I'm Tiffany. Nice to meet you.

Once upon a time, I followed my dream to work as an architect, building fantastic structures and learning how to tinker with the best.  My curiosity led me to explore other industries and engage a broader spectrum of project types all over the world.  From San Francisco to Barcelona to Shanghai, I can undoubtedly say I've worked with some of the most brilliant thinkers in technology and product design.  

I have delivered a range of creative projects in the technology and construction industries, from socially conscious bus shelters to emerging technology product launches at CES. My experience and chutzpah afforded me appointments with progressive responsibility across the public and private sectors. I even launched an ed-tech startup, a time in my life rich with relationships and insights for which I'm deeply grateful.

I am passionate about the art of the demo, workforce training, emerging technology, and design. 

Currently, I work as a project manager and architect, delivering IT and marketing & communications projects.  If you fancy more details about me (where I went to school, degrees/certifications, endorsements, etc), my LinkedIn page has extra stats.